The Hermit



“A young woman is kidnapped and taken hostage by a mysterious hermit in the forest. When she returns to society, she struggles to revert to her old self.”


‘The Hermit’ is a psychological-horror film with a runtime of approximately 15-20 minutes. The film will explore themes of Stockholm syndrome, futility, depression, drugs, love, longing, violence, and brutality. The characters are exposed to very stressful and uncomfortable situations. These experiences serve as metaphors for real-life. People adapt to terrible situations, either it be housing, worklife, or day-to-day stress. People in society become jaded and indifferent to the futility surrounding them. This story represents the horror-filled, cyclical nature of societal futilities. The film aims to work as a commentary on modern day society, focusing on recovery.

The film shoot will be one week (7 days) starting in January. The timeline for the project will be from January to March of 2019.

The film is currently six months into pre-production. 


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