Noel Rafizadeh-Kabe

Director / Co-Writer

Noel is a filmmaker based in Tokyo and California. He is currently pursuing his B.A. in Film Production at the University of California, Santa Cruz (UCSC). Having worked various jobs professionally (production assistant, grip, sound, editing, etc.) in film, Noel is now applying what he’s learned to his thesis film. Noel is passionate about horror-films, comics, skateboarding, and his family. He hopes to successfully bring his horror-movie vision to life, with the support of his cast and crew.

Noel recently won the ‘Best Student-Produced Work’  award at the 2018 Santa Cruz Film Festival for the documentary film “At Capacity”. He was given the award alongside 19 student filmmakers that made up the production team.

Anderson Pestana

Assistant Director / Co-Writer

Anderson Pestana is a recent graduate of the University of California, Santa Cruz and current resident of Santa Cruz, CA. Anderson received a degree in Film and Digital Media with an emphasis on Screenwriting. Upon graduation he was recommended for further studies at the Sundance Film Institute and appeared on a short list of promising screenwriting graduates. Anderson is a Los Angeles local with a background in writing and producing short films. While at UCSC he has written and produced various film projects and multiple feature length scripts. In his free time Anderson enjoys watching movies, sleeping and eating.


Saul Sanchez

Director of Photography / Gaffer

Erika Staud

Assistant Camera


Sofia Jo

Production Manager

Daniel Lane

Production Assistant


Mijin Kim

Production Assistant

Tandia Mclaren

Concept Artist


N. Bernard Hitachi

Campaign Art Director / Graphic Designer

David Klein

Marketing Leader / Web Designer